Our Process

From mockups to website launch, we keep you in the loop.


  • Initial Meeting and Brainstorming
    Free initial consultation where we get to know more about each other and how GB studios can help you grow your online presence. Learn more about your technical requirements and any concerns you may have.  This phase is where we hammer down your brand,  logo  and style requirements prior to web development. 
  • Getting your domain name and Hosting
    Getting your domain name approved and hosting registered is step one. If you alrady have this, great! We work with you to help get things rolling and on your way to website launch and online marketing.
  • Installing WordPress and your Theme
    Installing wordpress and establishing your database it step two. We provide you with a variety of free themes and customize it to reflect your brand and style guide.
  • Building and launching your site
    Building the site out, creating content, and outling the website architecture is step three. We work closely and intimately with you, to execute the website’s deliverables ensuring it meets all of your needs.
  • On-going maintenance, support, and training
    We provide up to 6 months of free web maintenance and technical support. Basic training is included. We use CMS WordPress, so it’s easy making simple updates and posting blogs, and making simple text edits. 
  • Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing
    Once your website is perfected (your central digital hub) we can start driving traffic to and from your website using various digital marketing initiatives. Such as Search Engine Optimization tactics, and paid social media ad campaigns using lead generation tools. 

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