Usually one of the main requirements for getting status as a fraternity or sorority is raising funds for charity or for the school each year. If you’re running out of fund raising ideas or simply have no idea where to begin, these ideas might be just what you’re looking for. Here are some of the top five fund raising ideas for fraternities and sororities. The great part is that they all leave lots of room for imagination and personalization to your cause and to your resources.

1. Anything food-based. There are tons of different golf tournament fundraising ideas ways that you can turn food into a fundraiser. Since everyone has to eat, most people don’t mind spending a bit of money on food. A few ways to make a food fundraiser include hosting a barbecue, having a few eating contests, creating a simple bake sale, or putting on a fancy gala dinner. Tailor your fund raising idea to the type of community you’re catering to, the type of charity you’re raising money for, and the resources that your fraternity or sorority has available.

2. Events like golf tournaments. Events for which you can find advertising sponsors and people to pay to participate in them can make a whole lot of money. Think about events like tournaments and fun runs or walks where people can raise sponsorship to participate in the event and get something like a tee-shirt and a medal – which you can buy very cheaply – in return.

3. Auctions. You can auction off anything from dates with fraternity guys to home-made baskets of goodies. Silent and spoken auctions can both be used, and these fundraisers can be incorporated into other events, such as dinners and tournaments. Think about what your group has to offer, and then create an auction to suit those resources.

4. Raffles. Like auctions, you can raffle off anything, and you can also combine raffles with lots of other fund raising events. If you’re looking for a way to cheaply and easily create a fundraiser, this might be a good choice. Unlike an auction, you don’t actually have to get people together for this one. You just have to make sure you have their contact information when you draw their raffle tickets to see who will be the winner.

5. Trivia nights. These can be great fun for know-it-all college student – which is, let’s face it, most of us. Center the trivia you choose on the charity you’re raising money for, which will help raise the level of awareness about what that charity is all about. You can do individual trivia contests or contests with teams, and you can use this event for just a few people or for lots of people at once.

Keep in mind that all of these fundraiser ideas can be used in a variety of different settings, and that you can tailor them to your needs. Also, remember that you should always check with local businesses to see what they’ll donate to help you raise funds, whether it’s tickets to raffle or a place to host your event at half price.


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